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UPL: “Rukh” unexpectedly greeted “Dnipro-1” on the road

“Dnipro-1” recognized minimal defeats against Lviv “Rukh” in the 20th round Ukrainian Premier League.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with reports on the result of the match.

Ukraine, Premier League, 20th round

< p>“Dnipro-1” – “Rukh” – 0:1

Goal: Sarapiy, 5 (own goal)

On the banks of the Dnieper there are calls for goals actually the first moment. Lviv residents benefited from the standard. After serving from Kutovoy, Sarapiy appeared first on the balls, but cut him behind the goal line – 0:1.

“Sports clubs” could equal rahunok for a few khulins. Prote, the goalkeeper of “Rukh” ran into Gorbunov's low shot. And from the middle of the half, Didik’s header from between the penalty areas failed to hit the Dnipro-1 goal area. Before the break, Ocheretko failed to capitalize on the Dnipro team's finishing chances.

The cob of the other half was inserted through the wind alarm. The long pause was to the benefit of the rulers of the field. Yuri Maksimov's team, after the match was renewed, began to push the Lviv residents to the redoubt. Every year, moments appeared. A long-range strike from Ocheretka missed the gate, and with a shot from Pikhalyonka, Ledviy rushed into the far corner.

The “Rukh” was marked by Carbine's honor. His attack from a nearby area was parried by Volinet. And the Vikonans of Kutovoy had a chance to shout – The local forces once again voiced the threat of stagnation of ballistics in the region. If the duel was unexpectedly renewed, then “Dnipro-1” did not survive two moments during the hour of one attack. Kivindi's ice shot was blocked, and Sarapiya's finishing block was blocked by the defenders.

Chergova's anxiety left the team cold. Zrestha, since almost an hour into the match had passed, neither the moral nor the physical strength of the team had been lost. “Rukh” achieved minimal victory and reached the top 5 of the Premier League (33 points). Natomist “Dnipro-1”, obviously, lost its leadership, having lost 38 points.

Before the word, the previous day “Dynamo” lost its victory over “Veres” in the last season.

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