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US Congressman about those when Ukraine refuses additional help: before, no one would have thought

Ukraine is withdrawing aid from the States of America earlier, but this can be recovered .

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, the members of the US House of Representatives, who arrived on a visit to Kiev, Thomas Kane and Bill Keating.

According to Kane, a number of people both in the USA and in Ukraine, know what is passed on to the bill, and what is allowed, including, first of all, long-range missiles over a range of 300 kilometers.

“And people both in this country and in the United States, we know about the future included in these packages. We have guarantees both in the United States and in this country that people will be able to vikorize the materials that were posted,” said Thomas Kane.

At the same time, Bill Keating appreciates that Ukraine is withdrawing aid earlier, without even thinking about it.

“I would say that before the hour there will be food sooner, without even thinking about it. Today's morning got together with 82 -th airborne division, we talked to our people. Mobilize to bring them here,” he said.

In my words, one piece of aid can be delivered to Ukraine within days of the residual vote, and one piece – after a week.

“We don't know the schedule. And if we knew, we wouldn't tell anyone about the price , the fragments can be drawn into, you know, the strategy of war. But the fact is lost in the fact, people are guilty.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA

20th quarter The US House of Representatives supported the initiative to provide assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 60.84 billion dollars. Currently, the bill is being considered in the US Senate. Therefore, it is necessary for me to reject the praise of two-thirds of the voices. After being praised by the Senate, the bill will be signed by US President Joe Biden.

Following the latest news, the first party assistance to Ukraine will be sent within a few days after the bill is signed.

T Ermin's and important information Read about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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