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USAID projects under threat due to US Congress delaying aid to Ukraine – Samantha Power

We are talking, in particular, about projects to support farmers, humanitarian aid, etc.

US AID Administrator Samantha Power said this during a meeting with reporters in Washington. Voice of America reports.

“I would say that all of our programs are at risk,” Power said in response to a question from VOA.

The agency has made long-term investments, she said, “that will be around for a long time.” bring dividends”, in particular, in the integration of Ukrainian railways into the European system, into Ukrainian agriculture, so that Ukrainian farmers can continue to work, despite the destruction that constant Russian shelling inflicts on them.

“There are many parts of the world that are starving. But Ukrainian farmers continued to work, they are ready to overcome unexploded ordnance, to rebuild their farm or their small business after the destruction. And we want to make sure that they will continue to have access to low-interest loans and resources,” Power said.

She noted that 32% of Ukrainian farmers received assistance from the agency.


The US House of Representatives went on recess, aid for Ukraine is postponed again

This is all in the interests of Ukraine and in the interests of the United States, because over time it will mean less direct budget support, more tax revenueand it is in the interests of the United States, because truly vulnerable countries will need less humanitarian assistance, countries in Africa, sub-Saharan Africa,” Power said.

She added that a threat also loomed over humanitarian programs in Ukraine aimed at the most needy groups of the population – people who lost their homes as a result of Russian shelling, women with children, people suffering from post-traumatic disorders.

“ Opinion about that That we won't be able to support them in their time of greatest need is a very dark view indeed,” Power said. which is ready to support additional funding for Ukraine.

“There is a large bipartisan majority that agrees with everything I have said and that does not want us to cut off programs that do so much good,” Power said .

The withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka was largely due to a lack of ammunition and weapons, – Biden adviser

According According to the agency, since the start of large-scale war on February 24, 2022, USAID has provided $9.88 billion for development programs and humanitarian assistance. Among the top priorities, the agency highlights such issues as countering the influence of Russian aggression, promoting economic development and energy independence of the country, and anti-corruption activities.

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