• 20/07/2024 05:25

“Veres” signed a tie with “Dnipro-1” at Premier-Liza

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with requests for the result of the match.

Ukraine, Premier League, 25th round

“Veres” – “Dnipro-1” – 1:1

Goli: Dakhnovsky, 19 – Adamyuk, 33

From the first Khvilina, the fight began to grind on the skin of the field . “Sports Clubs” were undisturbed and began to play in defense, but the guests themselves were the first to create a chance. Tse Adamyuk hit his head at the far end after the corner – Without sleeping.

Rivnyani responded to this match naked. This Iago grabbed the ball in the center of the field and went ahead to Dakhnovsky. Pivzahisnik intercepted the pass on the left side of the free kick and then shot at the far one – 1:0.

The goal added to the success of “Veres”. Oleg Shandruk’s followers continued their initiative. Tim was unsatisfied by scoring a goal for “Dnipro-1” on the 33rd week. After the end of the day, Past was unable to secure the ball, so Adamyuk played effectively at a different pace.

At the start of the other half, “Veres” scored better. Axis Dakhnovsky broke through from the jump, but was taken from his teammate. For a long time, Shastal iz between the penalty kicks was unable to overtake Volinets after Haiduchik’s pass. However, the time has come to score a goal right under the sway – Kucherov broke through the post after crossing from the flank.

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