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Vibuhi and burnt: Belgorod has a lot of heat, Russians are complaining about the “tide”

Residents of the Russian Belgorod of the 16th grade are not allowed to swear on vibuhi and “prilyoti”. The city has lost its neck.

RBC-Ukraine reported about this via the city’s Telegram channel.

Belgorod’s face was full of bulges. At the same time, they write about something “swelling” in different parts of the place.

In this case, Belgorod has a dekilka zhezh. Following the footage published by Merezh, there were fires in the exposed territory, and cars were also on fire.

At which point the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the “success” of the PPO work. So, at Shoigu with a hard-in-law, the nibito was Buho, the Black Beznitnitnikovs at the Kurziye, the three drones, the reactive shell of the point “Point-U” at the Bєlgorodskiye Regional.

Don Belgorod region with the RM-70 “Vampire” missile system and the reduction of eight rockets, as well as two drones.

The new product is being updated…

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