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Vipay the displaced people. Who can lose money without financial assistance and why payments are due?

Pay the displaced. Who might lose without financial assistance and in Why should payments be deposited?

З 1 additional fee for VPO in Ukraine will be paid without changes to all registered categories. Next month, new rules will be requested, so the number of deductible payments may change.

RBC-Ukraine has collected everything that displaced people need to know about the innovations in the procedure for financial assistance payments.

During the preparation of the text, the publications of the Ministry of Social Policy were used, the text of the Cabinet Resolution No. 94 dated 26 June 2024, an addition to the Telegram channel of Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, a statement by the minister’s intercessor the central policy of Darina Marchak on air during the telethon.

Assistance to migrants in Ukraine

In the wake of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the state budget will pay a monthly compensation for living expenses of the following amount:

  • 3000 hryvnia – to persons with disabilities for children;
  • 2000 hryvnia – to all other categories of internal migrants.

Additional assistance can be provided to individuals who have been forced to leave their place of residence (in temporarily occupied territories, active territories there are many possible combat actions).

Why should the rules be changed

During the hour of war, the order of providing additional assistance to HPOs has changed several times. Zokrema, in Serpna 2023, penny payments were extended to all displaced persons for 6 months – until 31 June 2024. After that, new rules were requested.

The Cabinet of Ministers of last year praised the resolution, it but with any payment you will have to continue for another month.

VPO payment will be extended automatically from 1st February 2024 for one month without additional compensation for individuals whose six-month period of withdrawal of such assistance will end in 2024, as stated in the document.

In which case, and there will be a shortened program of assistance to displaced people .

Pay the displaced. Who can lose without financial assistance and where are the payments duePhoto: VPO assistance was extended for a month (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The compensation for living expenses is related to the benefits of international partners, which they provide to Ukraine.

As Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for the Reintegration of the Timely Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk stated, partners can make it possible to continuously verify payments by changing them and optimizing them ї. Vaughn added that the international patterns for the adaptation of migrants are sufficient for two reasons.

To whom assistance will be extended automatically

Payment of HPE assistance will be extended for another six-month period automatically (without filing a new application):

  • persons who have wasted their time;

We are talking about Ukrainians who have reached the retirement age, and receive a pension, the amount of which does not exceed the minimum cost of living for individuals who have spent their time (9444 hryvnia).

  • persons with disabilities;

These individuals with disabilities of groups I and II, children with disabilities up to 18 years of age, children with severe perinatal diseases of the nervous system, severe congenital development, rare orphans and illness, oncological, oncohematological illness, infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental disorders, cerebral diabetes type I (insulin-dependent), acute or chronic illness of the fourth stage, which resulted from a serious injury, will require organ transplantation, will require palliative care, for which a disability has not been established, which is confirmed documentarily.

  • orphans and children, spared Father's pikluvaniya;

Care of individuals up to 23 years of age, such as those who stay in family-type children's homes and foster families, as well as foster parents and foster parents.

Criteria for payments

Advocate of the Minister of Social Policy Darina Marchak meant that To extend HPE assistance, there are three criteria: place of residence, children under 14 years of age, and family emergency.

The re-recognition of HPE payments in the homeland can be applied for through an application for 1 year and throughout the entire pregnancy. Additional help will be available starting from 1st February 2024.

Vipelsi migrants. HTO can be flooded without fіndopomia, the paymentPhoto: in the worst of times, you need to submit a new application for payment (facebook.com/decentralizationua)

Categories that can be covered by insurance for an extension of payment for another 6 months upon filing an application:

  • homelands, depending on the size income does not exceed 9,444 hryvnias per person (which is the subsistence minimum for individuals who have lost their productivity).
  • relatives, in which one of the members of the family looks after a special person with a Group I disability, or a child with a disability up to 18 years of age, or a seriously ill child.
  • Vagetary women (starting from 30 years of age).
  • As in the homeland there are children under 14 years of age, who are not able to cope with the birth and initial mortgages or the beginning of marriage Available in hybrid format.

Zokrema, the right to continued assistance to the motherland of the Higher Professional Education with children under 14 years of age who live in the zone of active or possible military operations. And also those families with children under 14 years of age who live in mentally safe regions of Ukraine, but in these settlements there is no possibility of raising a child to kindergarten, and schooling is done online.

By the way, since the homeland of the Higher Professional Education (mother and child) live in Kharkov, where schools operate online, the child begins at home, and the mother and child will receive help from afar.

“We will respect that the mother does not care about the surroundings outside of her, and is also afraid to keep an eye on her children.”, – explained the Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovich.

In what cases will HPE payments be affected?

Changes may be made to stimulate HPE before implementation. Therefore, individuals who do not claim the status of unemployed at the Employment Center can spend a penny of additional assistance.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, it is clear that from 1st February 2024 payments will continue to be made to their families, in which there is no need a great person. At the time of submitting an application for withdrawal of additional assistance from a higher education institution, such a person may be registered with the Employment Center as unemployed.

At the same time, after the re-recognition of assistance to such a homeland for the upcoming 6-month term, the current non-working member of the homeland is unable to accept his employment (for example, to register with the Employment Center) – an additional payment could be completed within a month.

It seems that the government has expanded the rules of additional assistance that will be given to the displaced. We are talking about people who have turned home from behind the cordon, but have not yet managed to settle down in Ukraine and do not have powerful sources of income.

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