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Vitik from the Bundeswehr about Taurus: The German Prosecutor's Office is investigating the accountability of the special services

The Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany is investigating the investigation of German officers about the throat Taurus missiles in Ukraine. There are suspicions about the integrity of the special services.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a letter to ZDF.

The prosecutor’s office said that the investigation is being carried out by unknown people. There was speculation about those who might be behind the flow of information from the Bundeswehr, and she was inspired to comment.

It seems that at the beginning of the crisis, Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan published an audio recording of senior UPS officers Ni Mechchins discuss the theoretical feasibility of Ukraine's deployment of German winged missiles Taurus. Zokrem, the audio recording discussed the possibility of a Taurus missile attack on the so-called Crimean Bridge.

Nimecchini Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that this idea would be closely investigated. And the German Federal Office of Military Counterintelligence has begun a review of the possible transfer of German officers by the Russian side.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius stated that the reason for the recording was ” Individual milk in a frozen bath.”

One Participants did not follow the established procedure for secure dialing. Zokrema, it was about a participant who joined from Singapore. Pistorius especially emphasized that, in spite of the rumors about the sick bed, “another third party” did not take part in the telephone conference.

Details about the scandal that took away the name Taurus-Leaks, and about those who were ultimately responsible for the decision Scholz about the transfer of Taurus to our country, – from the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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