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Wall Street Journal: in April 2022, Russia demanded that Ukraine consolidate its neutral status and renounce Crimea

The newspaper claims to have familiarized itself with the draft agreement drawn up as a result of the negotiations. The agreement was never signed.

During negotiations in Turkey

The Wall Street Journal claims to have gained access to a draft agreement between Ukraine and Russia, which was drawn up in April 2022 and was not signed. According to it, Ukraine should secure for itself a “permanent neutral status without participation in military blocs,” and control over Crimea was assigned to Russia.

Despite negotiations, an agreement was not reached between the countries. Journalists say the draft treaty highlights the deep concessions being considered by Ukrainian negotiators in the early stages of the war, demonstrating the challenges Ukraine faces in the face of Russian aggression.

The document also reveals Russia's desire to limit Ukraine's military capabilities, including its numbers armed forces, tanks and artillery. Proposed restrictions on the Ukrainian military and control of Crimea underscore Russia's strategic goals in the region.

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