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“We won in one short time”: Netanyahu announced a new defeat of Hamas

Israel is ready to fight until victory again over the grouped Hamas and promises to impeach him no less after the return of those stolen by terrorists Israelis.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu stated this, RBC-Ukraine informs RBC-Ukraine of a message on Facebook from the head of the Israeli government.

In his words, today Israel is means six months from the beginning of the war against Hamas. He added that at the end of the military campaign, the IDF liquidated 19 of 24 Hamas battalions, including senior commanders.

“We deprived, injured or took away a significant number of Hamas terrorists. We also cleared Shifa and many other terrorist headquarters. We destroyed factories from the production of missiles and weapons, warehouses for armor and ammunition and military equipment. we can systematically remove tunnels in one “we've won,” Netanyahu said.

War until all guarantors are released

Win noted that Hamas militants are still taking away 133 “of our kidnapped brothers and sisters” and adding that Tel Aviv has already turned back 123 kidnapped their i ” I'm planning to turn them home.”

“I have made it clear to the international community: without the reversal of the theft, there will be no fire. This will not happen. This is the policy of the Israeli order, and I am aware of the fact that the Biden administration has made it clear for days that there, as before, a similar position is being pursued” , – the prime minister said.

He said that Hamas is overstepping its bounds by turning back its guarantors, and “its unrealistic efforts are directed towards war and self-preservation.” Netanyahu is interested in the fact that Hamas wants to see and demonstrate the importance of attacking the insecurity of the citizens and soldiers of Israel.

The leader thinks that capitulation to the forces of Hamas, “let us be able to do what we can.” And having promised, I will try again and again. repeat atrocities similar to those of the 7th of the Year.”

“Hamas is confident that the pressure from the middle will force Israel to submit to these unrealistic demands. That will not happen. Israel is ready to please, but Israel is not ready to surrender. Instead, it will be straightforward and the international pressure on Israel, which also confuses Hamas’s stronger position, the pressure of the international “It is necessary to straighten the cause against Hamas. We accept the aggravation of thefts,” Netanyahu said.

He also noted that “there is no just war, no matter what,” and added that “we are determined to complete I will overcome again, turn around all our thefts, complete the liquidation of Hamas in the entire Gaza Strip, close to Rafah, and ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.”

Before the attack of the worthy Iran

Netanyahu also noted that Iran, through its satellites, is behind the attack on Israel. The prime minister guessed that since the 7th year, Israel has seen attacks on many fronts from the side of Iran's satellites – Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, the police from Iraq and Syria and others.

“We will beat the one who is in charge or who plans to give us harm. We are steadily adhering to this principle, and will continue to do so in the rest of the days. Near and far, in the arenas that will separate us and those far away from us. Israel is ready defend and attack “No test or sign would have triggered an attack on us,” said the head of the Israeli government.

Vin also noted that “as soon as the war breaks out, we must unite to prevent attacks on us “.

“The hour of unity has come. However, at this very hour, an extremist and violently violent minority threatens to split the edge. There is nothing else that our enemies would ask for more for a price. This split is without cause hatred to beat us up right before the end,” Netanyahu said.

He also said that “edges wither at unity and perish at splits.” However, let our enemies have no mercy: the absolute majority of the people are united in the need to continue to fight until victory.

“The majority of the people, and I am on guard, will condemn any form of violence: outrages and violation of the law, attacks on demonstrators, or attacks on police officers, wild rioting to killings and violence at social borders. Let us be united, rose up 'emo our enemies, knowingly Hamas, with our abductions, and, God willing, we will achieve further victories,” Netanyahu said.

Israel’s war with Hamas

Year 7, 2023 rock militants of the radical Palestinian Islamic radical movement X AMAS launched a large-scale attack on Israel from the territory of the Sector Gaza. In the first day of the attack, the terrorists killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and kidnapped about 250 Israelis and foreigners, and also shelled the country on a large scale.

In response to the invasion, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a ground military operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to the latest news.

In the middle of the war, Netanyahu stated that The country is close to the completion of the remaining part of the combat operations. In his words, the military operation may be completed in about a month or two.

At the end of the 7th quarter, the Israeli Defense Forces withdrew most of their military forces from the captured part of the Gaza Strip. Only one Israeli brigade, the Nahal brigade, is missing from the war in the region. The withdrawal of the army came after four months of continuous fighting in the Khan Yunis area.

In the middle of the war, the Israeli army announced its readiness to begin a ground operation in the town of Rafah beyond the cordon with Egypt on the day of the Gaza Strip. The Western lands and Egypt faced an attack that led to the massive death of refugees. Netanyahu ordered to evacuate 1.4 million civilians of Rafah to “humanitarian zones” in the central part of the region.

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