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What length of service is required to retire in 2024: clarification from the Ministry of Social Policy

Ukrainians can retire after reaching the 60th century. For this purpose, the mother needs at least 31 years of insurance experience.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message sent to the Ministry of Social Policy on Telegram.

At the department Let me explain that insurance experience is not the period that any person actually worked for. During this period, the employer paid for it until the Pension Fund made a contribution.

In addition, the amount of cleaning is also important. Periods of labor activity (work, military service, etc.) that began before 1st June 2004 are also included (insurable) before the insurance period.

How much experience is required for 2024 generations

It is indicated that In 2023, the right to retire will be given to people whose insurance experience is greater than 30 years. Until 2028, the years will soon change.

In accordance with Article 26 of the Law of Ukraine “On Legal Pension Insurance”, the validity of the insurance period is trivial, which gives the right to recognize a pension for a year in 2024 roci, become:

  • after reaching the age of 60 years – no less than 31 years;
  • after reaching the age of 63 years – no less than 21 years;
  • after reaching the age of 65 years – not less than 15 years.

Guess what, the Pension Fund has allowed the purchase of insurance experience for a future pension or to increase its size.

They are also preparing in Ukraine introduce a new system for the regulation of pensions.

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