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What to expect from the dollar exchange rate: the banker gave a forecast for the coming year

Over the course of the 15th to 21st quarter, the dollar exchange rate may change on the Ukrainian currency market. But don’t overextend 1.5-2.0%.

Taras Lesovy, head of the treasury department at Globus Bank, said this in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

As the banker noted, the situation is the currency market is unlikely to be healthy, even if the main tactical and strategic actions of the NBU do not change, and there are also daily economic reasons for any uncontrolled (non-transferable) and non-streaming changes.

First of all, the regime’s “keroved bundling” will not be affected, which means that the National Bank will continue its powerful tactics of regulating the supply chain and proposals through foreign exchange interventions, Lesovy said.

“In a different way, it will transfer and, What kind of currency fluctuations there will be – up and down – is very important, but it is not excluded that the “system” of currency changes will also cease to be in force, so that any changes will not penetrate between the currency corridors, and the main indicators of the market will be saved (indicators schedennyh Kolivan, differences between courses, etc.),” the expert said.

Thirdly, the ready-made market is subject to dependence on the interbank bank: the formation of rates, as before, is based on the indicators of the unready market with the addition of an insignificant commission from financial institutions.

On the fourth , exchange rate corridors to the interbank market and the finished goods market will be However, they are also the same, which demonstrates the regulator’s tactics to minimize multiple rates. “Prote the new corridors – there are still not the same rates, although on the food market the rates of banks and exchangers will be as close as possible to one another,” added Lesovy.

Finally, the frequency of exchanges in the cooking market will become the basis for assessing any possible splashes in the drink: they will be situational, non-threatening for the underlying relationship between the drink and the position, the banker cares.

Forecast for the exchange rate

About the main market indicators , then, as Lesovy predicts, the stinks will be as follows:

” In this way, in the coming year, when changing the foreign exchange market, there will be no threats, no worries. at your own languor”, – as stated by Lesovy.

It seems likely that over the past few years the dollar exchange rate has increased five days later. The official NBU exchange rate has risen to a historic high – 39.399 UAH/USD.

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