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Will there be more pennies? What is the subsistence minimum and what does this income contribute to?

The cost of living in Ukraine has increased by 13%. This indicator is important for the expansion of most social payments; since 1 June 2024, Ukrainians have increased the amount of pensions, maternity pay, alimony, assistance to the unemployed and people with disabilities.

B Also report on how the cost of living has changed for the new generation , and also what will happen with the size of pensions and other social payments – the materials of RBC-Ukraine are lower.

During preparation, the following were studied: the laws “On the subsistence minimum”, “On the state budget of Ukraine for 2024” , publication to the portal of the Federation of Trade Unions, data from the Ministry of Finance website, statement by Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

Subsistence minimum – what is it

The subsistence minimum is the sum of pennies that can be spent to satisfy the needs of the first necessity. There are provisions for the purchase of grub products, non-food products and payments for low services.

The law states that the minimum subsistence level can ensure the normal functioning of people, in order to preserve health, social and cultural consume.< /p>

In Ukraine, the size of the subsistence minimum is established at the legislative level in the State budget.

The indicator of the subsistence minimum is taken as the basis for the breakdown of approximately 150 types of social payments, fines, penny fees for administrative, criminal and other violations. In addition, the subsistence minimum is included in the formula for determining the size of the subsidy for housing and communal services.

Subsistence minimum for 2024

The State Budget for 2024 stipulates a subsistence minimum for 2024 івні 2920 UAH, which is 12.8 % more than last year (2589 UAH). This is a special display for one individual per month.

The size of the subsistence minimum is also determined separately for various social groups:

  • children up to 6 years of age – 2563 UAH;
  • children from 6 to 18 years of age – 3196 UAH;
  • individuals who have spent their time – 3028 UAH;
  • individuals who have spent their time – 2361 UAH.

In addition, there are also indicators of the subsistence minimum for calculating perimeter salaries in the government service. In 2024, the sums will be as follows:

  • the minimum subsistence minimum for working people, which is set for the calculation of the basic size of the court salary of a judge, is 2102 UAH;
  • for the calculation of the city salaries of practitioners of other powers, payment which are regulated by special laws, as well as legal tax and mitigation bodies, – 2102 UAH;
  • for the compensation of the daily salary of the prosecutor of the district prosecutor's office, – 1600 UAH.

What will happen with pensions

The minimum subsistence level for unprecious people is the same as the minimum pension. Tsyogorich won increased from 2093 to 2361 UAH. The maximum pension is also based on the subsistence minimum – it is limited by 10 times the amount (UAH 23,610 at 2024).

Photo: Ukrainian pensions will grow in 2024 (Getty Images)

In addition to pension payments for certain categories of individuals, allowances, additional payments, additional pensions and other benefits related to the subsistence minimum are established.

It is important that you Your pensions and allowances from the star Ukrainians are eliminating the language from the growing subsistence level not from 1st day, but even from 2024 at the same time due to the historical indexation.

This norm was prescribed in the principal provisions of the law on Der budget 2024.

According to the words of Denis Shmigal, a member of the Cabinet of Ministers, the planned indexation of pensions may begin in the first quarter without delay.

“Last year, the state demonstrated the clear elimination of social cravings. de one of our priorities. Pensions and assistance are paid on an hourly basis,” the prime minister said.

Nowadays, in this day and age, insurance can be extended to increase the amount of payments for all categories of pensioners. These are the people who have a long insurance period (30/35 years for women and men). Their pensions include the amount of the minimum wage, which has moved up from the new age.

Other payments have increased

The amount of the minimum living wage is adjusted to increase the amount of more than one hundred no types of social assistance. We will show you a lower amount of government payments in 2024, which changed after the increase in the subsistence minimum.

Maternity payments and “baby-box”

Women who do not work and are not registered with the Employment Center will have maternity payments waived at a rate of 25% of the subsistence minimum.

From 1st June 2024 minimum The new amount of “maternity benefits” will be 757 UAH per month .

When the children are born, fathers will try the “Baby Pack” (baby box). These are the most necessary things for a child (diapers, diapers, carpets, scarves, clothes, child hygiene, towels, toys). In this case, instead of the “baby box”, a penny compensation can be deducted. The amount amounts to at least 3 subsistence minimums for children up to 6 years of age.

Tobto has 2024 ROCIKIR COMPITIONS – 7689 UAH.

Viplats to single mothers

Rosemir on the sides of the single mothers to bend the yak Rizznitsa mi in a pass children of the last century and the average monthly total income of the family in the breakdown per person for the past year.

Maximum amount of payments for 2024 years:

  • for children up to 6 years of age – 2563 UAH;
  • for children from 6 to 18 years of age – 3196 UAH.

Assistance for congenital children

The payment amount is calculated at equal to 2.5 times the subsistence minimum for children of the same age and 3.5 times the subsistence level nothing for children disability.

  • Children under 6 years of age – 6407 UAH (child with disability – 8970.5 UAH);
  • Children from 6 to 18 years of age – 7990 UAH (child with disability – 11186 UAH).

Photo: maternity payments to single mothers were advanced (Getty Images)

Amount of alimony

The amount of payment must be within the established minimum subsistence level for a child:

  • up to 6 rocks – 2563 UAH;
  • from 6 rocks to 18 rocks – 3196 UAH.

When children's fathers are struggling to pay alimony, the state receives an hourly penny of assistance, the amount of which is the difference between 50% of the subsistence minimum for a child of the middle age and middle age. the family's purchasing income per person for the rest of the year.

< p dir="ltr">From 1st September 2024, the maximum amount of such assistance is:

  • for children under 6 years of age – 1281 UAH;
  • from 6 to 18 pm – 1598 UAH

Payments to persons with disabilities and children with disabilities

  • Individuals with childhood disabilities of group I – 100% of the subsistence minimum for individuals who have lost their usefulness (2361 UAH);
  • individuals with disabilities from childhood of group II – 80% of the subsistence minimum for individuals who have spent their work (1888 UAH);
  • individuals with disabilities from childhood of group III – 60% of subsistence minimum for special needs , which have wasted their effectiveness (1416 UAH);
  • for children with disabilities up to 18 years of age – 70% of the subsistence minimum for those who have spent their time (1652 UAH).

Help for the unemployed

The subsistence minimum contributes to the amount of unemployment assistance. The maximum amount of such payments is higher than the 4th subsistence minimum (for the first time) – 11680 UAH.

Car registration

The amount of collection on the obligatory state pension insurance, which is paid upon the first registration of new passenger cars, is also subject to the subsistence minimum.

  • 3% – as a part there is the car does not exceed 165 times the subsistence minimum for business people;
  • 4% – if the car's quality exceeds 165, but does not exceed 290 times the subsistence level for people in business about them;
  • 5% – since the object of supply exceeds 290 times the minimum subsistence level for working people.

Photo: collection when registering a car (hsc.gov.ua)

How the cost of living has changed in Ukraine

The cost of living in Ukraine has changed from 2589 UAH to 2920 UAH. This will continue throughout 2024.

In 2023, the minimum subsistence level was also covered by insurance for the entire river, although before this the size of the skin changed for 6 months. The sum that was installed for 1 chest was decent until the 1st century of the coming fate.

Before the butt, in the chest of 2021 the subsistence minimum amounted to 2393 UAH, the same size of coins from 1st September 2022, in the month of 2022 – up to 2589 UAH.

In 2020, the subsistence minimum will increase from 2027 to 2189 UAH. And a badge of 2 thousand. UAH this figure has moved towards the end of 2019.

However, the real minimum subsistence level does not correspond to that established in the State Budget. The cost of living is more low for a couple.

The Ministry of Social Policy assessed the actual size of the subsistence minimum for working people, based on current prices in Ukraine. In the beginning of 2022, the real cost of living was expected to be 7,000 UAH; for 2023, the real minimum subsistence level was predicted to be 8,200 UAH. Thus, in 2024 this show will still be greater.

It is likely that from 1 June 2024 the minimum wage in Ukraine will increase from 6700 to 7100 UAH. For 1 quarter the minimum wage increases to 8000 UAH. This showing also contributes to the payment.

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