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YouTube blocked the channel of director Mikhalkov, who became Putin’s trusted person, – ZMI

Video hosting YouTube blocked the channel of Russian director Mikita Mikhalkov “Besogon TV”. Wounded by the є є є є є ’for the piditrim of Viyni Office.

about the cereal of RBC-OKRYANA RBITS on The Moscow Times.

” blocking for a specific reason: “This account was blocked for numerous or serious violations of the YouTube rules for discriminatory reasons,” the material reads.

At the time of blocking, Mikita Mikhalkov’s YouTube channel was subscribed to to 1.6 million osib.

What is “Besogon”

Mikhalkov created “Besogon” in the spring of 2011 and expanded through new conspiracy theories, including assertions about the plans of Microsoft founder Bill Gates to “chip” the Earth's population, as well as rhetoric about disinformation So many protests in Belarus in 2020. The show was broadcast on the Russia 24 TV channel from 2014 to 2020.

Mikita Mikhalkov

Radyansky is a Russian film director, screenwriter, producer, film actor.

For the encouragement Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the expansion of Russian propaganda is subject to sanctions from all countries of the European Union, Canada, Ukraine and Switzerland.

It has recently become known that Mikhalkov has become a trusted special Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin ahead of the upcoming presidential elections in the Russian Federation.

Blocking of YouTube channels due to Russian propaganda

Even before the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, YouTube video hosting had seen the channels “First Independent” and UkrLive, which were subject to the sanctions of the National Security and Defense Council. The accounts of the militants were also blocked.

And in the spring of 2022, video hosting YouTube praised the decision to block the channel of the pro-Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy in Ukraine. The service also closed the channel of Olga Shariy’s friend.

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