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Zelensky about Trump: if he supports Putin, he will be against the Americans

Donald Trump may again become President of the United States and hope to support Russia, instead of dictator Volodymyr Putin, then act “against the Americans.”

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with CNN.

According to Zelensky’s words, there is no understanding, as Trump may be at Putin's side at a time when Russia's war in Ukraine is reaching its peak.

“It's incredible,” he said.

Zelensky said he respects Trump – who also insisted that ending the conflict in one day does not understand Putin's goals.

“I think that Donald Trump does not know Putin. I know that he has become friends with him… but never fought with Putin. The American army never fought with the Russian army. No… I better understand,” Zelensky said.

In Zelensky's opinion, Trump does not understand the fact that Putin never stop.

Trump's peacemaking initiatives

At the end of 2023, Donald Trump challenged his voters to “end Russia's war against Ukraine in 24 years” in the wake of being elected President of the United States in the elections of the 5th fall of this year.

In this case, he stated that he would allow Russia to take part of the Ukrainian territories in order to “end the war.”

Recently, Trump announced that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia will be pursued once the US President re-instates himself.

< p>Trump also threatened that at any time of his re-assembly we will not kidnap NATO allies, as “not to pay for the shells.”

He also added that Russia would like to attack such powers.

< p>Please respect that the 31 NATO countries have taken it upon themselves to spend 2% of their GDP on defense, but not everyone did it individually.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine They read on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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