• 20/07/2024 02:45

Zelensky announced “new important negotiations with European neighbors”

“…we have already identified our Ukrainian priorities for the next weeks,” the president’s address says.

Zelensky announced important new negotiations with European neighbors

President Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, in his evening address, announced new important negotiations with European countries.

He noted that in one day the invaders shelled more than a hundred cities, towns, and our Ukrainian villages in nine regions: from the Chernihiv and Sumy regions to the Mykolayiv region and the Kirovograd region.

“Russian strikes are especially brutal in Donbass. Unfortunately, some were wounded and some died. My condolences to everyone who lost family and friends,” he said.

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The President added that Russia must feel and remember forever that the aggressor himself loses most from aggression. “I am grateful to everyone who brings Russia’s responsibility closer by all means – military, sanctions, legal, and political,” the Ukrainian leader emphasized.

“And we have already identified our Ukrainian priorities for the next weeks. We clearly see the task – both regarding packages that will strengthen our positions at the front, and political interaction with partners, and regarding what is needed for the financial stability of Ukraine,” Zelensky added.

According to him, a special area is the European Union and relations with its closest neighbors. “We are preparing more interaction and new communication, new important negotiations,” he said.

  • The European Union proposes to reform the Military Assistance Fund to Ukraine by $5 billion. The bloc's foreign policy department has presented member countries with a proposal to update the FVD, as the EU moves from sending weapons from current stockpiles to purchasing new ones. − the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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