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Zelensky awarded representatives of companies in the military-industrial complex

In total, about 300 thousand people work in the defense complex of Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with managers and employees of state and private companies defense and state awards .

This is stated on the website of the head of state.

According to Zelensky, in total there are about 300 thousand people in the defense complex of Ukraine.

He added that this year, thanks to the companies of the Ukrainian defense industry, it was possible to triple the production of weapons and equipment (compared to last year). A significant increase in the production of ammunition, in particular for artillery, is also being recorded; capacities for the production of ammunition for domestic drones are being systematically deployed, and the quantitative and qualitative indicators of missile production have increased. Next year, special attention will be paid to the production of explosives and gunpowder, which the President said is in short supply in the world.

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