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Zelensky launched a new mechanism for communication with entrepreneurs – All-Ukrainian Economic Platform

The main task of the platform is for it to be a tool for effective communication.

Zelensky launched a new mechanism for communication with entrepreneurs – All-Ukrainian Economic Platform

Vladimir Zelensky

At Headquarters Reports – detailed, every direction. And in general, our defense operations and active actions. Avdeevka, Maryinka, Kupyansky direction, southern directions – maximum attention to each.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this in his address.

“At Headquarters we also analyzed all the issues regarding shells – filling shortages, supplies to troops, agreements with partners and our own production. It is very important that the Ukrainian production of weapons and shells shows positive dynamics. I am grateful to everyone who is involved, each and everyone who works for our own opportunities – in Ukraine,” the president emphasized.

He added that today we discussed the protection of Ukraine from Russian air terror – and border cities, and our frontline positions.

The President also held a meeting on our work with partners in the European Union and relations with neighboring states.

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Today a meeting was held on the financial situation, tax work, tax revenues.

The main thing for the state and our entire society is that each Ukrainian entrepreneur has opportunities for more active economic work. Consequently, so that Ukrainian budgets can focus more on the strengths of their economy. The state, state institutions, each of the officials are obliged to do everything possible to promote legal, “white” business,” the head of state emphasized.

Vladimir Zelensky noted that today we are launching the creation of a new mechanism for communication with entrepreneurs.

“We are establishing an All-Ukrainian Economic Platform, on which small, medium and large businesses will be represented. And different regions of our state. Both investors and relocated enterprises. “Made in Ukraine” is not just a brand, it is a large community of people, millions of Ukrainians and Ukrainian women working in enterprises. And it's our people who start businesses that create jobs for others. The entire community of our business will be represented on the new platform,” the President of Ukraine promised.

The government must organize the work of the platform together with the Office, regional state administrations, and experts. The main task is for this to be a tool for effective communication, so that communication is always supported by operational decisions – what government institutions do or change, and what will create a new, normal history of relations, in particular between law enforcement officers and entrepreneurs.

“We demand more confidence for business and a larger legal, “white” economy for Ukraine. We demand more Ukrainian production, more Ukrainian products from various industries. And he just signed decrees that will make it possible to create just such a communication mechanism – the Council on Entrepreneurship – as determined, in particular, by the recent decision of the National Security and Defense Council, and an all-Ukrainian platform for activating entrepreneurship and our Ukrainian product,” emphasized Vladimir Zelensky.


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