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Zelensky sharply responded to the scandalous statement of the Pope

Russian occupiers will not go beyond Europe unless the Ukrainians are pushing them Ukrainians will be collected in Hands Tu Signo-Zhovitim Praopor.

About the President of Ukraine Volodimir Zelensky, the RBC-Ukrainian Posylans on the Yogo Videoznnyn.

” to the fact that they are being pushed by the Ukrainians and the Ukrainians, who will be in the hands and under the blue-yellow ensign. In Ukraine, there were a lot of white walls of buildings and churches that were immediately set on fire and broken by Russian shells. It’s too red-hot to say that it’s your own fault to screw up, so “the war has slowed down,” said the president, emphasizing the Pope’s recent statement about the “great ensign.”

Behind Zelensky’s words, if the invasion of the invader in Ukrainian, the Khristyani, Muslims, and the Osistu, became on the Zakhist of the Country. defense. There, on the front line. They take away the living people. They support them with prayer, and prayer, and justice. The whole church is about people. And not two and a half thousand kilometers away – here we will do virtual mediation Who wants to live? , and to those who want you to get money,” he said.

Scandalous statement of the Pope

Yesterday, Reuters published a rerun of a fragment of an interview with the Pope for the Swiss television channel RSI. In an interview, the pontiff, confirming the need for Ukraine to raise the “great ensign” and enter into negotiations with the Russian Federation, supporting such a position

“I think that the strongest is the one who marvels at the situation atsion, thinking about people, the courage of the “white ensign” is in charge of the negotiations,” Francis said, adding that the negotiations may take place through the mediation of other countries.

The Vatican subsequently stated that the Pope was not respectful of the capitulation of Ukraine . According to the words of the chief of the Vatican press service, Matteo Bruni, the pontiff spoke, in particular, about the need for negotiations.

However, the words of the Pope triggered a flurry of criticism among recent leaders and politicians. The pontiff's statement was criticized in Latvia and Poland. And the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, called on the Pope not to repeat the pardons of the past and to support Ukraine.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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