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Zelensky: “Thanks to the support of the United States, we will have a chance to win”

The President believes that the US aid package to Ukraine should be filled with long-range weapons and air defense.

Zelensky during an interview on NBC News

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky believes that the aid package for Ukraine approved the day before by the House of Representatives should be filled out long-range weapons and air defense systems.

He said this in an interview on NBC News.

“This is artillery, and strategic long-range weapons, ATACMS – all this is important in order not to lose people at the front. Therefore, we are losing them due to the fact that we do not have appropriate long-range weapons. We need this and air defense. A chance to win

“Now we have a chance to stabilize the situation and seize the initiative, so we really need to have a weapons system,” Zelensky added.

So now Ukraine is waiting for a positive decision from the Senate and hopes. that he can receive help without delay.

The President also commented on recent reports that US President Donald Trump, if elected, will put pressure on Ukraine to give up part of its territory to Russia in exchange for ending the war. The Ukrainian president said he doesn't believe the rumors and doubts that Putin will ever agree to such a settlement and stick to it. , but on something very specific, for some reason very tangible in Ukraine, independent and democratic,” Zelensky noted.

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