• 18/07/2024 23:01

Zelensky: The Russian Federation has deployed thousands of missiles, drones and bombs to strike Ukraine this year

This year the Russian occupiers stagnated to launch massive combined attacks on Ukraine over a thousand missiles, air bombs and kamikaze drones.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in response to the statement of President Volodymyr Zelensky at this evening’s brutal war.

“For this week, from Monday to today, Russia yskih terrorists stagnated There are also 190 missiles of various types and 140 Shaheeds. There are also 700 ceramic bombs,” said the head of state.

VIN HEAVED, for the whole hour of the pISLA of the allocated invoice of the perch in Ukrainian, “the Bizd Tizhnya Shchel, if the tero was exaggerated. The occupation contingent saw the same thing – skin tension, every day,” Zelensky said.

They also recognized the importance of the defenders of the sky, how to fight off the enemy's attacks.

“To all the soldiers of the mobile fire groups, our aviation, the PPO of the Ground Forces, to all the fighters of our REB. A missile for a beaten skin, a “martyr” for a beaten skin,” said the head of state.

In this case, Zelensky is naked shuє, that Ukraine’s “renewed shield” will require significant strengthening.

“We are working with all our partners, whose decisions can change the nature of the war and secure our places and villages from terrorism. We will immediately hire part of the missiles and most “Our soldiers are killing the 'martyrs,'” the president said.

Massive Russian military attacks on Ukraine

Apparently, since 22 November, Russian terrorism has launched a combined missile and air strike against Ukraine. The enemy stagnated after 151 attacks.

Prior to the attack, anti-aircraft missile units and mobile fire groups were obtained. Zagal was able to destroy 92 lost targets, and himself: 55 “Shaheds”; 35 Kh-101/Kh-555 missiles; 2 ceramic X-59 aircraft missiles. More details about that massive combined attack can be read in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

It is significant that since 24 February, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine with missiles and kamikaze drones yesterday. The PPO forces destroyed 18 missiles and 25 drones.

Today it became clear that through masked areas, graphics can be connected in the Odessa and Khmelnytsky regions. It was also reported that emergency power outage schedules will be introduced in Krivoy Roz. In addition, in the Kharkov region, from 25 to the end of the month, enter schedules for daily light switch-offs.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukra channel ina on Telegram.

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