• 23/07/2024 02:08

Zelensky: The Russian offensive has been stopped

The President of Ukraine considers the situation at the front to be the most favorable in the last three months.

Zelensky: The Russian offensive has been stopped

Vladimir Zelensky

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with the French television channel BFM TV announced the stabilization of the front line.

< p>As Bloomberg reports, contrary to the infidels’ statements about moving forward in eastern Ukraine, Zelensky believes that the enemy’s offensive has been stopped. He also claims that the situation is now better than it was during the previous three months. However, this could change if Ukraine does not receive enough military assistance from Western countries.

The President also made it clear how Kiev perceives the discussion about attracting Western troops: “As long as Ukraine holds out, French troops will remain in the territory France “.

  • Zelensky held a meeting of the Headquarters: they talked about fortifications and shells.
  • The President responded to the Pope on his words about the “white flag” for Ukraine.
  • < li>Zelensky discussed with Emmanuel Macron his visit to our country.


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