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ZSU stream Russians on many straight lines, but at the gate there is a song of blowing: ISW cards

At the front there are positional battles near Avdiivka and Novomikhaylivka, near Robotiny Verbovoy, and also nearby Krinok, de Seeley, the defense of Ukraine is streaming Russian assaults. The occupiers have quickly penetrated into Kupyansky and Bakhmutsky directly.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this, referring to the Institute of Foreign War (ISW).

Congress of Ukraine. Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

The military forces of the Russian Federation recently emerged for an early retreat from Kup'yansk to the smoldering of three important positional battles on the line Kup'yansk – Svatove – Kreminna 6 Bereznya. Geolocation footage, published on February 5, shows that the desire of interventionists has recently reached the outskirts of Synkivka.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the military forces of the Russian Federation had penetrated a few hundred meters in the depths near Terniv (at the entrance to Kreminnaya) and buried a number of unimportant strongholds of the ZSU, although the expert and ISW have not found confirmation of this statement.

Positional battles began to descend from the Kup'yanskaya Bela of Sinkivka; at daytime sunset from Svatovoye near Tabaivka; at the entrance from Kreminna Biel, Yampolivka and Terniv; and on the day from the Kreminna street of Bilogorivka (12 km on the day from Kreminna) and Verkhnyokamyansky.

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration of Ukraine Oleg Sinegubov stated that the Russian military concentrated on Kupyansky and Limansky directly about 100 thousand. special warehouse, about 40 thousand of them. Russians and militants. He added that the occupants will now conduct a mechanized assault on Kup'yansky and Limansky directly from the stagnant MT-LB armored personnel carriers instead of tanks.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

It appears that Russian troops have moved in near Bakhmut during the ongoing positional battles in this area on 6 Bereznya. Ukrainian military observer Kostyantyn Mashovets stated that the firemen reached out in the direction Bogdanivka – Kalynivka (on the evening approach from Bakhmut) and Ivanivske – Stupochki (on the approach from Bakhmut). Russian “military anchors” confirmed that the military forces of the Russian Federation had completely buried unidentified forest territory on the outskirts of Bogdanivka (at the entrance to Bakhmut) and slightly poked their way into the area of ​​Ivanivskoye (at the entrance to id Bakhmut), although the ISW did not provide visual evidence of the presence of Russians in Zhodny districts

Russian and Ukrainian officials stated that they are concerned about positional battles near Spyrnoye (at the end of the day in front of Bakhmut); Bilya Ivanivsky; for a daily approach from Bakhmut, Klischivka, Andriivka and Belaya Gora.

Near Avdiivka, positional fighting took place on 6 February, but there was no confirmation of changes on the front line in the area. The Russian and Ukrainian forces confirmed that positional battles were taking place on the daylight approach from Avdiivka near Berdychi, Orlivka and Semenivka; at the entrance from Avdiivka Bilya village. Thin; for a daily sunset from Avdiivka, Vodyanoy, Pervomaisky and Nevelsky.

One Rosiyskiy “Vunkor” Unsvvvvvvvvvvvvlyvuvv, ShO VIISKA RF NIBITO CONTRACTION ANSIMILY HAVENTY TO Pervomaiki that bilshi part of Orlivka, Todi Yaki INNISHER ROZPOVIDAVA, ShO VIISKA RF POCHEBTO TOMENISTION TOMENSIA TO HALL ORLIKOVA. Russian “military leaders” also confirmed that the Russian Federation troops control the other half of Berdychi. Another Russian blogger confirmed that the radio electronic warfare (REW) systems of the Russian military are important for the operations of their own drones near Lastochkino (on the day approach from Bakhmut) and confirmed that Interventionists need to create coordination centers for drones and REB.

“Voenkor” also confirmed that the Russian assaults had “relented” as they entered Avdiivka, and that the fragments of the invading Ukrainian forces were concentrating on new lines of defense. The blogger confirmed that the increased degradation of the military forces of the Russian Federation in this region exposes problems with planning and coordination between Russian military commands and paramilitary units on the front line.

The press service of the Tavria grouped military ZSU reported that the military had created a line of defensive fortifications for each other on the Avdiivsky direct, equipped with asphalt strongholds for higher and more reliable trenches, anti-tank ditches, concrete bunkers, dragon teeth and other fortifications. Also, Ukrainian officials reported that the ZSU had a strengthened defense against Russian shelling and drone strikes.

The military forces of the Russian Federation recently showed up slightly on the approach from the city of Donetsk on the smoldering of three important positional battles on the approach and last approach from the city of Donetsk 6 Bereznya. Geolocation footage, published on February 6, shows that the invaders have recently inched their way into Georgiyivtsi (at the entrance to Donetsk).

In connection with the Kremlin, the “military correspondent” confirmed that the military Russian Federation had never reached the streets of Geologichnaya, Lermontova and Zaliznychna on the flooded outskirts of Krasnogorivka (at the entrance to Donetsk) and achieved an unknown success kh on the evening from Pobeda (on the evening from Donetsk). Another Russian blogger confirmed that the military forces of the Russian Federation finally reached Novomikhaylivka (on the day of approaching Donetsk). Meanwhile, ISW analysts did not find any visual evidence of these assertions.

Russian and Ukrainian reports reported that positional battles were taking place in Krasnogorivka, Georgiyivka, Pobeda, Novomikhaylivka.

The General Staff of the ZSU reported that on the 6th of February the defense forces defeated the Russian assaults on Prechistivka (at the same time as Velyka Novosilka) on the administrative border of the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.

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“Pivdenna all”

The Russian military recently confirmed an offensive at the western Zaporizia region due to the ongoing positional battles on the 6th of February. Geolocation footage, published on the 5th and 6th of February, shows that the occupiers recently arrived at the exit from Robotiny and on the evening approach from Verbovoy (at the exit from Robotiny). Positional battles took place near Robotiny and Verbovoy.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the Russian military, which operates directly on Zaporizky, does not have enough drones, and the drones, which operate near Robotinoy, do not have any reasonable capabilities against battery and radio-electronic warfare (REW).

6 bereznya trivali encircling positional battles nearby Krink on the similar (left) birch of the Kherson region. Russian “military anchors” confirmed that the Russian military launched shelling and ammunition strikes on ZSU positions on the Kherson direct.

6 bereznya Navy ZSU riverman, captain of the third rank Dmitro Pletenchuk, having announced that on the eve of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the defense forces were weakened or about a third of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation were damaged. Pletenchuk stated that the ZSU hit 27 ships, 15 of them are under repair.

It is also confirmed that the Russian Black Sea Fleet intends to maintain a “serious” presence in the Black Sea, including 10 missile carriers, three submarine ships, two missile boats, and a number of patrol and patrol ships. Pletenchuk reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet has five great amphibious landing ships in production, which are under repair.

The situation at the front

Previously, the General Staff of the ZSU had 6 berez in the evening I was told that at the front In the process, 76 combat battles were achieved. The defense forces repelled the attacks of the Russians in the Ivaniv Donetsk region and hit the enemy's ammunition depot.

As stated by the speaker of the Tavria OSUV Dmytro Likhovy, the Russian occupiers are stuck in the Avdiivka area and cannot stay away. The main stench is observed near the Novomikhaylivka area.

Dodamo, 6 Bereznya, the commander of the Ground Forces ZSU Oleksandr Pavlyuk noted that the situation at the front is no longer difficult, but not under control. Having added that the Ukrainian military plans to carry out counterattack actions.

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