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ZSU will continue the activities at Pervomaisky when the Russian Federation announced about the burial of the village, – ISW maps

Ukrainian forces showed up in the Kreminna Lugansk region today. Suddenly, in the Donetsk region, the occupiers insignificantly pushed their way in near Chasovy Yar and established a small tactical bridgehead on the outskirts of Ocheretino near Avdiivka.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications to the Institute of Vivnia nor (ISW).

Congress of Ukraine . Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

Ukrainian forces emerged on the day before Kreminna during the hour of positional battles of the Svatove-Kreminna line.

Geolocation frames, published on the 20th quarter, show that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have emerged on their way out of Bilogorivka (on the day before Kreminna), although this, obviously, did not continue 24 years.

Positional battles took place:

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

20th quarter, positional combat operations were carried out on the northern direction (on the downhill route towards Bakhmut). There have been no confirmed changes in the front line at this time.

Russian troops recently moved near Chasovoy Yar during the ongoing battles in this area.

Geolocation frames, published on the 20th quarter, show that the Russian troops subtly popped up along the T0504 highway (Chasiv Yar-Bakhmut) on a daytime approach from Ivanivsky (on a daytime From the Hourly Yar).

Russian milblogger confirmed that the occupants also came out on the day before the New Microdistrict (Shasiv Yar), but ISW did not know any visual confirmation of this affirmation.

Fights were going on:

Experts at the Institute admit that the Russian military is making a clear significant tactical progress in the field Initial approach from Avdiivka near Ocheretinoye, where minor successes have recently been achieved again .

Geolocation images, published on the 20th quarter, show that the Russian troops penetrated between the flooded Ocheretinoye – about three kilometers from the flooded area to near Ocheretinogo.

Permanent Russian presence in this area, I think analysts, you can confirm that the Russian troops have established a small tactical bridgehead on the outskirts of the populated area.

The Ukrainian military serviceman, who acted on the Avdiivsky direct, stated on the 19th quarter that the Russian troops significantly intensified the offensive near Ocheretin and, it seems, redeployed there a large number of artillery and Wanting bastards on the Avdiivsky direct. With this, in his words, the Russian Federation weakened the pressure on Berdich and Umansk, and continued to carry out heavy assaults near Semenivka (on the way to Avdiivka).

Russian land has recently strengthened, so the occupiers begin tactics Well, pause on the Avdiivsky front , following the districts of Ocheretina and Netailove (on the day of entry from Avdiivka).

The line was moved to the line between the Ukrainian defense line, which the Russian troops attacked after the burial of Avdiyivka in the middle of 2024, and the offensive defense line was moved far from , which the Russian troops identified as a more strongly fortified line. The Russian troops, for now, will have to pass through Ocheretina and stabilize the front flank of Avdiivsky directly, first of all they will be able to continue the tactical breakthrough of the Ukrainian defense in this area.

ISW did not find any visual evidence of various statements by the Russians about advancing on other fronts.

Geolocation footage published on the 20th quarter, confirming that Ukrainian forces will continue Activities in Pervomaiskoye, not respecting the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense 13th quarter about burials settlement by Russian troops, is assigned to the star.

Battles took place:

The occupiers asserted that the 20th quarter of the 20th quarter of the Ukrainian army was approaching Donetsk, aka the Institute We cannot confirm changes on the front line.

Positional combat operations took place on the approach from Donetsk in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka and Georgiyivka and on the day of entry from Donetsk in the area of ​​Novomikhaylivka, Pobeda and Vodyanoy.

At the border of the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions, positional combat operations were ongoing, but confirmation of changes in there is no connection.

Positional battles were fought on the day of Velyka Novosilka in the area of ​​Staromayorsky and Urozhainy.

“Pivdennaya all”

Positional military actions were carried out at the approach of Zaporizka regions in districts There was no confirmation of changes in the front line at this time.

There were positional battles on the descent (left birch) and Kherson region, including in the Krynok area and the Antonivsky Bridge (on the opposite side of Oleshkiv), and there were no confirmed changes in the front line at this time.

Situation at the front

According to the information of the ZSU General Staff, 91 combat operations were recorded at the front. The Ukrainian military defeated 25 hostile attacks on Bakhmutsky direct.

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