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2024 will be the most difficult year for Zelensky: The Guardian spoke about the challenges for the President of Ukraine

The British publication stated that the third year of a full-scale war in the country will be a test for Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky. Western journalists spoke about the challenges that the head of state will face in the coming months.

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The Guardian in its material notes that this year could be the most difficult for the head of Ukraine against the background of the exhaustion of society in his the country is at war, a split in international support for Kiev and a shortage of ammunition at the front, NBN reports.

Journalists write that at the same time, most Ukrainian citizens are against a peace agreement with the Russians, given that there are practically no mechanisms , which can force the Kremlin to comply with the agreements, and there is a risk of giving the Russian Federation time to replenish its forces for a new strike.

The British media notes that the guarantor himself does not hide the importance of the third year of a full-scale war, which he called a year of external and internal challenges at a press conference on February 25.

The Ukrainian leader noted that the future of his country also depends on external factors, in particular on the position of Washington. Zelensky admitted that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States would be a disaster.

The material says that the head of Ukraine is no longer considered inviolable among his fellow citizens, in addition, political competition has begun to return to the country. These factors will also create difficulties for the president this year.

Earlier, an American publication stated that replacing the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would increase Zelensky’s responsibility for failures at the front.

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