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A bad habit will become more expensive: how prices for cigarettes will change in Ukraine from 2024

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

This year there is an unpleasant innovation for smokers – a pack of cigarettes will become more expensive due to a 20 percent regular increase in excise tax introduced in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

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A bad habit will become more expensive: how they will change prices for cigarettes in Ukraine from 2024

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About the fact that in 2024- This year, due to the increase in excise duty in Ukraine, cigarettes, on average, will rise in price to 10 hryvnia per pack, writes NBN, citing the Observer material.

In particular , last year, with 1 000 cigarettes, citizens of Ukraine paid excise duty in the amount of 2,097.12 hryvnia (41.9 hryvnia/pack), but this year the “bad habit” will cost already ;2,516.54 hryvnia (50.33 hryvnia/pack). Thus, only due to taxes, 1 pack of cigarettes will increase in cost in the range from 8.43 hryvnia to 12 hryvnia:

  • “budget” domestic cigarettes, such as ” Priluk”, will cost about 87 hryvnia/pack;
  • middle class – from 93.5 hryvnia/pack;
  • premium class – no less than 108  hryvnia/pack.

However, such a rise in price will not happen immediately, but will last throughout the whole year, since sellers have some stocks of tobacco products, and for this reason, immediately after an increase in excise duty, the cost of cigarettes is not immediately revised, with some exceptions.

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