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Admires Putin and the “greatness” of the Russian Federation: producer Yuri Bardash boasts of a Russian passport

ByJohn Newman

Jan 23, 2024

After the outbreak of a full-scale war, Ukrainian producer and artist Yuri Bardash fled to the Russian Federation, where he began making scandalous statements about his native country and admiring Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

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Admires Putin and

Photo – t.me/yourabardash

Tuesday, January 23, Bardash in his Telegram channel showed a photo of himself holding a passport of the aggressor country in his hands. The scandalous producer took the photo against the backdrop of a portrait of the aggressor president, war criminal Vladimir Putin.

NBN reports this with reference to the publication Kreschatiс.

In comments to the propaganda media, Bardash said that he was “very happy” to receive citizenship of a terrorist state and “enjoyed” it when the anthem of an aggressive country was played during the oath.

We note that the ex-producer of the famous groups Quest Pistols, “Mushrooms”, “Nerves” and the singer Wellboy announced his intention to obtain a Russian passport back in September 2022. In addition, Bardash previously called himself a “Russian man,” the Russian Federation a “great and powerful state,” and also enthusiastically congratulated the head of the Kremlin on his birthday.

Previously, TV presenter Alexei Sukhanov explained why he still hasn’t gotten rid of from a Russian passport.


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