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After a conversation with Lecornu, Shoigu announced his readiness for dialogue on Ukraine

After a telephone conversation between the heads of the defense departments of Russia and France, Shoigu and Lecornu, respectively, the Russian Ministry of Defense released some statements.

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In particular, as NBN writes, on its page in the TG channel the Russian Ministry of Defense published some very “interesting” messages.

Thus, the Russian defense department writes in Telegram that the French Minister of Defense, during a conversation with Shoigu, expressed condolences in connection with the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall on March 22, 2024. At the same time, as noted in the message of the department of the aggressor country, Lecornu allegedly spoke convincingly about the non-involvement of Ukraine and Western countries in the terrorist attack, but blamed ISIS.

Sergei Shoigu emphasized that the investigation launched in connection with the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall will certainly be completed, and all those responsible will be punished. There is information about the Ukrainian trace in the organization of the terrorist attack, — says the Russian Ministry of Defense in a statement on the TG channel.

In addition, regarding the statements of the Elysee Palace about sending the French contingent to the territory of Ukraine, Sergei Shoigu noted that if they are practically implemented, problems will arise in France itself.

Finally, Shoigu added:

The readiness for dialogue on Ukraine was noted. The starting points could be based on the Istanbul Peace Initiative. Holding a meeting in Geneva without Russia’s participation is pointless.

Recall that we previously wrote about the conversation between Shoigu and Lecornu.

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