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An insider revealed to which top clubs the coach of Bayern, who almost failed the season in the Bundesliga, could “migrate”

Despite the fact that after yesterday’s game, Bayern found itself in second position in the Bundesliga standings for the 2023/2024 season, guaranteeing itself a place in the top four according to the results of the German championship, the Internet is “exaggerating » rumors about the imminent replacement of the current Munich coach.

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Photo – REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay

About the fact that the key coach of the Bayern Munich club Thomas Tuchel, apparently , from next season will prefer employment in one of the Premier League clubs (English Premier League), writes NBN, referring to the X-account of sports insider Nicolo Shira.

In accordance with&nbsp ;according to Scheer, the German guru is a contender for the post of coach in two British clubs at once: Tuchel can become the head of both London Chelsea and Trafford Manchester United.

Notably, that Tuchel had already coached the players of the London club Chelsea from February 2021 to September 2022, eventually winning the Champions League with his players. However, according to Scheer, at the end of the current season, Tuchel allegedly intends to leave the Munich club.

We previously wrote about why Pochettino personally did not allow Mudrik to move to FC Bayern .

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