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Andryushchenko reported a strike on Russian officers near Mariupol, citing the losses of the occupiers

Adviser to the Mariupol mayor Pyotr Andryushchenko reported that on the night of April 24, “Bavovna” visited places of concentration of invaders in the village of Babakh-Tarama, Mangush district, Donetsk region. The blow was struck against the officers of the Russian Armed Forces.

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The official in his Telegram channel stated that near Mariupol in the village of Babakh-Tarama there were at least ten hits on the base of the Russian invaders, all of them were representatives of the officers of the “second army of the world,” informs “ NBN.”

According to the adviser to the city mayor, at the moment we know about seven “liberators” who became “cargo 200”. Andryushchenko added that the number of wounded invaders was at least 20 in total, along with the liquidated occupiers.

The official emphasized that the strike was carried out precisely at the location of the officers of the aggressor country’s troops.

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Let us recall that earlier the objects of Putin’s occupation forces in Mariupol were shelled on April 22. Andryushchenko said that there was an arrival at the barracks of Russian “liberators”, publishing photographs of the “bavovna”.

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