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Apple will present the updated iPad Pro in March: insiders revealed the cost of the devices

ByJohn Newman

Feb 25, 2024

In less than a week, in the first month of spring, the Cupertino company is promised to announce the next line of iPad Pro tablets, which will be significantly updated, ignoring some “price disadvantage.”

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Apple will present the updated iPad Pro in March: insiders have revealed the cost of the devices

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About the most important difference new devices from Apple will have OLED displays (with deeper blacks and higher contrast, as well as lower power consumption), instead of the previously used LCD screens, and it is this innovation that will sharply increase the prices of “Apple devices” writes “NBN”, referring to the thematic portal WCCTech.

According to the source information, Apple purchases 11-inch OLED matrices for the iPad Pro for 280–290 dollars, and 12, 9-inch ones range from $380 to $390, which is much more expensive when compared to previous tablet screens.

As a result, the estimated cost of an 11-inch tablet is likely will be 1,500 dollars (about 57,360 hryvnia), and the 13-inch iPad Pro will reach 1,800 dollars (about 68,800 hryvnia), that is, in fact, the new devices will be comparable in price to MacBook Pro laptops.

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