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Arsenal should thank Mudryk for moving to Chelsea: Agbonlahor spoke harshly about the Ukrainian’s recent “successes”

ByJohn Newman

Feb 8, 2024

Ukrainian Mikhail Mudryk was able to move to London's Chelsea for 100 million euros in January last year, thanks to the fact that the Blues managed to intercept a similar deal from Arsenal, but, as it turned out, did not win at all from such a decision.

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The fact that, according to the eminent British footballer Gabriel Agbonlahor, Arsenal fans should be relieved by Mudrik's transfer to ;Chelsea, since the Ukrainian scored only 4 goals and made 3 effective assists in the 41st match, that did not distinguish itself with high results, writes NBN, citing FootballTransfers material.

According to Agbonlahor, having watched Mudryk’s game, he concluded that if there were stationary dummies on the field, the Ukrainian would definitely collide with them, since he regularly crashes into players, believing “the ball passed through them, and he will be able to run after him.” However, all this works somewhat differently than Mudryk thinks—different rules apply in the English Premier League.

It should be noted that Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino has repeatedly publicly criticized Mudrika, who stated last week, the Ukrainian does not play in the team, but rather behaves like a tennis player:

Now he  on the bench. It's all about form  – if you stay in shape and are the best in every training session, [you will play].

We previously wrote about what kind of German club did not begin to acquire Mudrik.


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