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At night, explosions occurred in Dzhankoy, fires were recorded at the military airfield and near it

On the night of Wednesday, April 17, it was restless in Dzhankoy. Explosions occurred in the temporarily captured city, followed by a powerful fire in the area of ​​the occupiers' airfield. The media reported details of the “bavovna.”

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At night, a missile danger was announced in Crimea, and soon the Internet wrote about “claps” in Dzhankoy. The ASTRA Telegram channel wrote that city residents recorded a fire in the area of ​​the airfield of the Russian Armed Forces, showing the corresponding footage.

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Soon, residents of Dzhankoy reported new explosions, the fire in the area of ​​the air base continued, NBN reports.

In the morning, the Ministry of Transport of Crimea reported that the movement of cars on the highway in the city area was temporarily partially blocked.

The monitoring group of the Telegram channel “Crimean Wind” clarified that after the night “claps” in Dzhankoy, the VIIRS/Suomi NPP satellite detected 6 fires on the territory of the military airfield of the invaders and next to it.

It is noted that that not only attack helicopters were based at the air base of the “second army of the world”, S-300/S-400 complexes were previously recorded there.

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As reported, on April 13, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired missiles at the occupiers’ facility in Lugansk. RosSMI reported the losses of the invaders.

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