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ATESH showed where the occupiers are hiding reserves of missiles for the Black Sea Fleet (photo)

ByJohn Newman

Feb 9, 2024

All information regarding the location of the invaders’ facilities, both warehouses and warships, which is “obtained” by Crimean partisans in one way or another, is regularly transferred to the Ukrainian army, thereby working for the liberation of citizens of Ukraine and territories from occupation .

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Photo – t.me/atesh_ua

About the fact that agents of the resistance movement carried out reconnaissance activities near ammunition depots belonging to the 758th logistics center of the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor country, in particular, in the vicinity of Naumovka in the Saki region of the Russian Federation. Crimean peninsula, writes NBN, referring to the Telegram channel ATESH.

As it became known after examining a large and guarded area, along the entire perimeter of which there are regular patrols and towers with sentries, it is in this area that, apparently, ammunition for artillery, missiles and missiles is stored. mine and torpedo weapons, with which the occupiers supply their military watercraft.

In particular, the coordinates of an important military facility are 45.321388, 33.660943

Photo — t.me/atesh_ua

Photo — t.me/atesh_ua

Photo — t.me/atesh_ua

Photo — t.me/atesh_ua

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that ATESH revealed the coordinates of the launch vehicles in Novorossiysk, which hit Ukraine on February 7.


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