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Attack on Odessa on February 10: Kiper reported the consequences, naming the number of victims

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

On the night of this Saturday, the terrorist state carried out attacks on the Odessa region several times, habitually using kamikaze drones “Geran2-Shahed”.

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Attack on Odessa rank February 10: Keeper reported the consequences, naming the number of victims

Photo – facebook.com/OperationalCommandSouth

About the fact that the invaders sent the first wave of attack drones to the administrative center of the region, and despite the liquidation of all 9 “Shaheds” by Ukrainian air defense units, 4 people were still injured, writes “NBN”, referring to the information made public in Telegram channel of the head of the Odessa OVA Oleg Kiper.

As it became known, the falling debris of one of the destroyed drones damaged the technical construction of the port infrastructure – as a result of the attack, one of the enterprise employees received a shrapnel wound.

The enemies directed subsequent attacks by the Shaheds on the port infrastructure infrastructure of the Danube region, and the air defense “landed” 12 UAVs. However, this time, 3 people, who were employees of port enterprises, were also injured: men with numerous shrapnel wounds and mine explosion injuries were sent to hospitalization (one of the wounded is in serious condition).

In addition, Putin’s army struck the civilian infrastructure of Izmail, mutilating the technical premises of industrial and service facilities, damaging the road surface, trucks and cars. Also, in several residential buildings, window openings were broken, facades and roofs were broken, and in the Izmail district, a private house and a garage caught fire due to the fall of parts of a downed UAV.

Earlier, we wrote about  that in the Kharkov police department announced the number of deaths after the night attack on the regional center.


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