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Attacks on Kharkov: Sinegubov announced the use of foreign-made missiles by Russia

ByJohn Newman

Jan 5, 2024

The day before, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby announced that during the recent missile attacks on Ukraine, Putin’s army launched at least several ballistic missiles sent by North Korea in circumvention of international sanctions restrictions, and today confirmation of such information appeared.

Attacks on Kharkov: Sinegubov announced the use of foreign-made missiles by Russia

Photo – t.me/SJTF_Odes

About the fact that after the last shelling of Kharkov by Putin’s invasion forces, fragments of Iskander-M missiles were discovered in the city, and these ammunition were not produced by the Russian military-industrial complex, writes NBN, referring to the explanation of the head of the local regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov, published by Ukrinform.

According to Sinegubov, the relevant structures are now conducting the necessary research to finally establish the country of manufacture of the missiles.

However, at the current moment it can be argued that despite the fact that the markings have been removed from the above-mentioned missiles, one should be sure that the manufacturing state is not the Russian Federation.

The head of the Kharkov OVA added:

When there is more accurate information from the General Staff, from our intelligence, we will report this immediately.

Previously, we wrote about that the Prosecutor General's Office showed the consequences of the Russian attack on Kharkov on January 2.


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