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Berlin answered when to expect Scholz's decision on the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine

Deputy press secretary of the German government Christine Hoffmann said when Chancellor Olaf Scholz will announce his decision on the transfer of Taurus cruise missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The representative of Berlin also spoke about the meeting of European leaders in support of Ukraine, which will take place in Paris today, February 26.

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Photo – Ken Mürk/ERR

A German government representative said during a briefing that Scholz would announce his decision regarding the supply of Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine “at the appropriate time and in appropriate case,” writes NBN with reference to Ukrinform.

Hoffmann confirmed that the German Chancellor will take part in a conference at the level of European leaders, which will be held in the French capital today to help Ukraine in the field of defense, as well as to demonstrate to Russia the unity and determination of Europe regarding support for Kiev.

At the same time, the official did not answer the question whether this meeting could become such an “occasion” for a statement by the head of the German government regarding the transfer of Taurus to the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

Recall that last week the German parliament approved the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine. Now the corresponding document must be signed by the chancellor.

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