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Blocking the border by the Poles: a study showed what losses Ukrainian companies are suffering from protests

ByJohn Newman

Mar 14, 2024

Over the past 4 months, protests by local farmers have not stopped on the Polish border, which seriously complicates the movement of freight vehicles through the checkpoint, thereby creating significant difficulties for the Ukrainian business sector.

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Border blocking by Poles: a study showed what losses Ukrainian companies are suffering from protests

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About the fact that no less than 98 percent of Ukrainian private enterprises were forced to face an increase in transport costs due to the blockade of the border by the Poles, writes NBN, citing research data published by the European Business Association (EBA) .

According to a survey conducted among 36 companies that are members of the EBA, the total damage suffered since the beginning of the protests in Poland is at least 24.8 million euros or more 700,000 euros per “firm”.

Also, 67% of the management of the above companies noted that their business suffered significantly from the protests, since the blockade significantly affected the cost of logistics : 98 percent of “private owners” raised the rate of transport costs.

In addition, 23 percent of respondents indicated a minimum increase in logistics costs from 50 percent: for 32 percent of respondents the dynamics was from 50  ;up to 75 percent; at 25 percent —by 75-100 percent; at 16 percent —by 100 percent.

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