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British intelligence analyzed the daily February losses of the Russian Federation: what impressive figures are we talking about?

According to British military intelligence, Putin’s army, at the current stage of the war with Ukraine, is missing at least 355,000 “manpower,” both killed and wounded.

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About the fact that Since the beginning of the war, the average daily number of losses of the “second army of the world” (killed and wounded) in Ukraine, throughout February 2024, reached the most colossal values, if we take into account the entire period of the war, writes NBN, citing to X-account of the UK Ministry of Defence.

According to information held by the British Intelligence Agency, in last month the Russian occupation invasion forces lost, on on average, 983 “good Russians” per day.

British military intelligence analysts emphasize the upward trend in the average daily loss rate, apparently, directly indicates the commitment of the Russian military command to a massive war to deplete the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The UK Ministry of Defense emphasized:

Although this is costly in terms of human lives, this effect increases pressure on positions Ukraine along the entire front line.

Earlier, we wrote about how British intelligence assessed whether the Russian defense industry could cover the needs of Putin’s army in 2024. ;year.

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