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British intelligence assessed the consequences of Putin’s new laws on “bribery” of the Russian military and their families

Putin recently approved a series of laws aimed at supporting the “liberators”, in the hope of motivating more recruits for the war against Ukraine.

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About the fact that one of the laws, military personnel located on the territory of Ukraine are exempt from paying interest on consumer loans (similar to an earlier identical document that allowed those mobilized to ignore the accrual of fines for late utility bills, loans/debts according to them), and how such actions of the Kremlin will affect the economic sphere of the Russian Federation, writes NBN, referring to the official X-account of the UK Ministry of Defense.

The second law, signed by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, amends the local Labor Code, prohibiting employers from dismissing the widows of Russian military personnel within a year of the husband's death.

British military intelligence analysts emphasized – Moscow, Apparently, she adopted these laws in an effort to reassure her military personnel, as well as to financially encourage a large number of recruits to go into service, guaranteeing government benefits in exchange, while simultaneously minimizing critical sentiments on the part of the wives of the dead occupiers.

However, Such “payment holidays,” it seems, although they won’t cost the government of the aggressor country so much in the short term, they will certainly provoke negative long-term consequences for the Russian economic situation as a whole, minimizing development prospects.

Earlier, we wrote about that British intelligence revealed why the Russian Federation will sharply increase the recruitment of contract soldiers into troops.

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