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British intelligence explained what the Russian Federation is counting on by using energy as a weapon in war

UK intelligence has reported that a terrorist state continues to use energy as a weapon during a full-scale war against Ukraine. The department explained what Moscow is counting on.

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British intelligence recalled that during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the “second army of the world” used energy as a weapon. Russian occupation forces have repeatedly attacked the country's critical infrastructure, sometimes causing massive electricity shortages.

This was reported by NBN with reference to the page of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense on the social network X.

The department recalled that Moscow also used a similar instrument of pressure against Western states. The Kremlin was reducing gas flows to Europe by limiting pipeline exports and changing payment terms.

British intelligence explained that in this way Russian leader Vladimir Putin was trying to undermine the unity of European states against the war unleashed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The report says that the Kremlin will continue to use energy as a weapon and a tool of coercion to achieve Russian political influence, as well as global economic gain.

Recall that ISW explained why the Russian authorities and Kremlin propagandists 24 February did not publicly discuss the second anniversary of the war against Ukraine.

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