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British intelligence named the key direction of the invaders' efforts at the front

ByJohn Newman

Jan 16, 2024

British intelligence has named the main goal of the “second army of the world” at the front in Ukraine – the encirclement of Avdiivka, Donetsk region. At the same time, over the past week, neither the Ukrainian Armed Forces nor Putin’s occupation forces have achieved any significant successes on the battlefield.

British intelligence named the key direction of the invaders' efforts at the front

Photo – ria.ru

British intelligence recalled that at the end of last year, Russian troops made progress in capturing Marinka, Donetsk region. However, the “second army of the world” was unable to capitalize on this and did not advance west towards the city of Kurakhovo or south towards the village of Novomikhailovka.

NBN reports this with reference to the page of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom on the social network X.

The department’s report notes that the encirclement of Avdiivka will likely continue to be a key focus of the efforts of the troops of the aggressor country. Today, the Russian invaders have minor territorial gains, for which they paid with huge losses in manpower and equipment.

British intelligence recalled that the Ukrainian Armed Forces control the village of Stepovoye, thanks to which the Defense Forces have access to the Avdiivka supply route. The department considers it unlikely that Putin’s army will attempt to isolate the city over the next week.

Earlier, the head of the GUR MOU Kirill Budanov told why the ground advance of both the defenders and the occupiers stopped. The general explained this for two reasons.


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