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British intelligence named the key target of the invaders in the Bakhmut direction

Today, ISW has already refuted Russian propaganda statements about the success of the invaders’ advance at Bakhmut – fierce positional battles are still going on in this section of the front, and now it has become known why the invaders are trying to “break through” here.

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About the Russian – the occupying forces, although they strive, do not have sufficient potential to carry out a full-scale offensive operation on the city of Chasov Yar, located west of the temporarily occupied Bakhmut, writes NBN, citing the X-account of the British Ministry of Defense.

According to British military intelligence analysts, the constant attacks of Putin’s army are carried out with the aim of expanding the zone of control at Bakhmut, which the “liberators” captured in March last year, but were able to make little progress on this section of the front, occupying only eastern parts of the village of Ivanovskoe, while simultaneously continuing attacks on the Ukrainian positions in Bogdanovka.

The British Ministry of Defense added – in the Bakhmut direction, the emergency operational goal of the “second army of the world” is to capture the Hours of Yar, located in the Bakhmut direction. 5 kilometers from the contact line.

However, despite some gradual tactical achievements, it is extremely unlikely that the occupiers are now able to carry out a massive assault on this city.

We previously wrote about how British intelligence assessed the consequences of the liquidation of “Sergei Kotov” for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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