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Business plans to increase wages and simultaneous layoffs of workers in 2024 – NBU

According to early estimates of the bank regulator, the size of real wages of Ukrainians this year should grow by 8.7 percent, but these are not all the “surprises” prepared by the business sector of our country.

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About&nbsp ;the fact that the domestic production infrastructure facilities have already planned the dynamics of salary growth against the backdrop of staff cuts, NBN writes, citing the report “Business Expectations of Ukrainian Enterprises”, published on the official page of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

According to the study, expectations regarding an increase in the amount of expenses for remuneration of one hired employee have increased noticeably: a positive answer was given by 62.6 percent of business respondents, while in the fourth quarter of last year, there were no such respondents. more than 57.9 percent.

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However, the business sector negatively assesses the current number of employees at controlled enterprises, intending to make cuts in the near future: layoffs are predicted for 6.3 percent of business entities, while in the fourth quarter of the last year, this figure was slightly more 6.5 percent.

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Earlier, we wrote about that the NBU explained the reasons for the slowdown in inflation in the spring, updating the annual forecast.

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