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Can the Russians restore the Il-22: an expert speaks out about the fate of the downed plane

Aviation expert, leading researcher at the State Aviation Museum named after. Antonov Valery Romanenko spoke about the fate of the Il-22, which was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Azov Sea area. The expert believes that the Russians will simply write off this plane.

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On the FREEDOM TV channel, Romanenko, analyzing a photograph of the Russian Il-22 “demilitarized” by the defenders, noted that the Russians need to change the entire tail section or skin of the aircraft, NBN reports.

According to the expert, the IL-22 was built before 1976, so there are no spare parts for it. He noted that there is no point in trying to close the holes in the plane, otherwise it will be a patch on a patch, something incomprehensible.

Romanenko believes that the invaders will simply write off the damaged Il-22. At the same time, they can put equipment from this aircraft on another similar board.

Recall that during the full-scale war, the Russian Armed Forces lost the Il-22 twice. The first such aircraft was “destroyed” by militants from the Wagner PMC during the “march of justice” in Russia in the summer of 2023.

Earlier on the Internet they showed what the Il-22 looks like after a strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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