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Car bombing in Starobelsk: local “authorities” confirmed the liquidation of a collaborator

ByJohn Newman

Apr 1, 2024

On Monday, April 1, in temporarily captured Starobelsk, Lugansk region, unknown persons blew up the car of collaborator Valery Chaika. The “head” of the city, Vladimir Chernev, confirmed the liquidation of the traitor to Ukraine.

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Photo – facebook.com/lg.ukravtodor

In his Telegram channel, the “city mayor” reported that at about 13:30, unknown persons blew up a car near the “Starobelsky Faculty of Luhansk State Pedagogical University,” NBN reports.

According to Chernev, the “clap” in the car eliminated the representative of the local “authority”, “deputy head of the Center for Servicing Educational Organizations” Valery Chaika.

The “head” of Starobelsk praised the traitor to Ukraine for that that he actively worked for the Russian occupiers and helped them gain a foothold in the temporarily captured city. The Internet said that Chaika participated in the creation of new “authorities,” in particular the “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR.”

Recall that Telegram channels distributed footage from the scene of the liquidation of a collaborator in Starobelsk.


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