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“Centrenergo” responded to rumors about receiving almost 10 billion hryvnia for the protection of Trypillya Thermal Power Plant

After the actual destruction of the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant by a strike from the Russian Federation, the “words” of Prime Minister Denis Shmygal began to appear en masse in the media space of Ukraine – the state treasury allocated 9.7 billion hryvnia for the protection of this energy facility.

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About the fact that the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant was not provided by the state budget with the above-described amount of funds aimed at the construction of protective structures to repel attacks by kamikaze drones and missiles of the Russian Federation, writes NBN, referring to the explanation published on Facebook account of the Centerenergo company.

According to the press service, the company 100 percent built first-level physical protection on its own, surrounding the critical elements of its thermal power plants. However, such protective measures only save from falling debris and splinters, and not from direct missile hits. That is, it is impossible to fully protect the power capacity only with concrete and “sandbags,” and besides, Putin’s army began to strike precisely at the equipment.

In “Centrenergo” emphasized in fact, the message of Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal dated September 13, 2023 concerned exclusively the allocation by the Cabinet of Ministers of an additional 9.7 billion hryvnia for the protection of all critical infrastructure facilities in the fuel and energy sector, and not just Tripoli Thermal Power Plant.

Earlier we wrote that Yevlash told details about the missile that the Russians hit the Trypillya Thermal Power Plant.

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