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CNN announced a new tactic of massive attacks by the Russian Armed Forces on energy facilities in Ukraine

In recent weeks, the “second army of the world” has begun to use new tactics to attack energy facilities in Ukraine. CNN explained what the strategy of attacks by the Russian Armed Forces is.

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Photo – REUTERS/Sofia Gatilova

In a comment to CNN, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Energy Svelana Grinchuk said that the tactics of attacking the energy system have changed for Ukraine, not for the better. According to her, in a few days the RF Armed Forces destroyed all almost a year's efforts to restore and repair.

NBN writes about this with reference to the Kreschatic publication.

Director of the Kiev Center for Energy Research industry Alexander Kharchenko clarified that the Russian invaders began to use new tactics of attacks on energy facilities on March 22, when they carried out one of the largest attacks on Ukraine.

The expert explained that this enemy strategy involves concentrating on a limited number of targets in during attacks in which a large number of drones and missiles are launched.

DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko said that the destructive effectiveness of Putin’s army’s strikes on critical infrastructure has increased significantly compared to last year, as the Russians began to use high-precision weapons .

Earlier, the head of Ukrenergo named two scenarios for the development of events in the energy sector after massive shelling.

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