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Constant fatigue during the war: doctors told how to overcome this condition

ByJohn Newman

Jan 16, 2024

Many Ukrainians during the war, against the background of constant stress, feel chronic fatigue and are emotionally exhausted, which affects their performance. Doctors said that this condition can be overcome by adjusting your lifestyle.

Constant fatigue during the war: doctors told how to overcome this condition

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Specialists from the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine gave six recommendations that will help cope with the feeling of constant fatigue. First of all, you need to distribute your work and rest time: complete priority tasks, do not hesitate to ask colleagues for help. Be sure to rest during your lunch break and set aside 20-30 minutes for walking, NBN reports.

Experts recalled that performance depends on a balanced diet, so it is important to monitor your diet. Don't forget about regular activity, which should become a habit: walk, run, ride a bike, play sports.

Arrange the necessary conditions for quality rest at night. Doctors recommend sleeping at least 7 hours. Ventilate the room before you go to bed, do not use gadgets and do not watch too emotional programs.

Experts note that it is important to remain optimistic, since negative emotions affect health, so build friendly relationships with people around you.

Also find time for self-development. Hobbies and favorite activities help to escape from everyday affairs and are a source of joyful emotions.

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