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Danilov explained why the West should not fear the collapse of Russia

ByJohn Newman

Jan 18, 2024

On the territory of the subject of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Bashkortostan, on Wednesday, January 17, thousands of people organized a protest at the courthouse in Baymak (disgruntled citizens even showed “unexpected” resistance to the police trying to disperse them) , after this structure sentenced environmental activist Fail Alsinov to 4 years in prison for “inciting ethnic hatred.”

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Danilov explained why the West there is no need to fear the collapse of Russia

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On the fact that Western countries should prepare for fragmentation “RF, since the events in Bashkortostan only indicate the start of this large-scale process, which will soon be fully launched, writes NBN, referring to the statement of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov, made on the YouTube channel LIGA.net.

According to Danilov, the Bashkirs are a separate nationality, in no way related to the Russians, and it is better for Western countries to begin preparing for the “fragmentation” of the terrorist state, which will definitely happen, as indicated by “the beginning of this great process, which in Russia will definitely unfold in the near future.”

The NSDC Secretary added: at the current stage there is a significant problem—some representatives of Western countries believe that the collapse of the Russian Federation could “damage” something. However, Western politicians forget that in 1991 they were also sure: the fragmentation of the USSR was impossible, since there was an agreement on the secession of only the Baltic countries, but not the other 12 republics remaining after the separation – these “allied” formations should remain in the “Commonwealth of Independent States” (CIS), but even after leaving this dubious organization, dangerous destabilization, in particular, the loss of control over nuclear weapons, has not been recorded.

Danilov emphasized:

It was all a waste of time, because no CIS can exist, just as no CIS can exist in Russia. territory of Russia, separate peoples without creating their own countries. New countries will definitely appear on the map, which now belongs to the Russian Federation.

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