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Delay of financial assistance from the United States: the media found out the details of the tough “Plan B” prepared for the Ukrainians

ByJohn Newman

Feb 11, 2024

At the end of this month, the government of our country expects to receive a loan tranche from the IMF in the amount of $900 million (out of $5.3 billion for the current year), if not provided, the authorities have envisaged a very negative scenario, primarily concerning the population of Ukraine.

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Delay of financial assistance from the USA: The media found out the details of the tough “Plan B” prepared for Ukrainians

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About the fact that if in the coming days the IMF does not see the allocation of funds from the United States, it will doubt the solvency of Kiev, and will block the promised credit assistance from -due to the inability of our country to service both current and potential debts, but there is a certain “plan B” for such a case, writes NBN, citing Bloomberg.

In particular, if financial assistance from the US is not provided, Ukraine allegedly will not be able to pay off the “old” and repay new debts, and the IMF will “think” about transferring the promised funds, then, in accordance with the government “plan” ;B”, the loan will be serviced:

  • increasing the volume of sales of domestic government loan bonds;
  • increasing tax rates for citizens;
  • reducing almost all social support population.

Earlier, we wrote about that Arakhamia predicted how long Ukraine will have enough military resources without the allocation of US assistance.


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